Table of Contents

I. Title Page
II. Table of Contents
III. Executive Summary
IV. Situation Analysis
a. Environment
b. Industry
c. Firm
d. Marketing Strategy
V. Problems Found in Situation Analysis
a. Statement of Primary Problems
b. Statement of Secondary Problems
VI. Strategic Alternatives for Solving Problems
a. Description of Strategic Alternative
?· International Expansion
b. Description of Strategic Alternative
?· xxxxxxx
c. Description of Strategic Alternative
?· xxxxxxx
d. Description of Strategic Alternative
?· xxxxxxx
VII. Selection of Strategic Alternatives and Implementation
a. Statement of Selected Strategy
b. Justification for Selection of Strategy
c. Description of Implementation of Strategy
VIII. Appendices
a. Sustainable Competitive Advantage
b. Application of:
?· Porter?s five forces
?· Michael Porter?s ?Diamond of National Advantage.?
c. Works Cited
III Executive Summary

Sam Walton is the founder of Wal-Mart Stores Inc. which was established in Rogers, Arkansas 1962 due to the introduction of a new type of retailing concept called discount retailing. At the same time there was also the emergence of two well known competitors K-Mart and Target which only solidified that the American consumer was shifting more towards a different type of a general store. Walton had recognized a growing market for discount retailing and with extensive research in the United States and overseas he developed the concept ?Sell name brand merchandise at low prices? which soon became the model for all Wal-Mart stores to follow.
Wal-Mart from in its early stages began to aggressively expand. Sam Walton has had experience in the retailing industry prior the company?s actual creation with

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