Our Vintage Beach House

Our Vintage Beach House

Our Vintage Beach House, The Flower Pot

Our families? beach house, known as the Flower Pot, evokes a lot of feelings for my family and me. This house is located on St Andrews Bay in Panama City, FL. It was built in 1934 on a historic Indian mound. This house is a one story, painted wood cottage with a tin roof. It has a big wrap a around front porch that is fully screened overlooking the bay. The Flower Pot has been preserved with a few minor updates so that our family can experience the house as it was intended when it was built.

There are elements of the house which challenges our comfort level often. The interior of the house is not centrally heated or air conditioned. In the summer, it is very humid and causes one to break a sweat often. Ceiling fans are in every room, some cool better than others. Many times I have gone to sleep sweating and awaken in the middle of the night searching for blankets. There are also many sounds that come from the house. Because of the need for air circulation, the windows are always open.

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