Kate Chopin A Woman Ahead Of Her Time

Kate Chopin: A Woman Ahead Of Her Time

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Kate Chopin: A Woman Ahead of Her Time
The works of European writers, her family background, and regional geography has had an obvious influence in Kate Chopin?s major works as well as her life experiences. Chopin, whose fame came years after her death, was once described as ?A woman ahead of her time? (?Kate?1-2). Her major works included short stories, children stories, and two novels (?Kate? 2).
Chopin was born in St. Louis, Missouri on February 8, 1850, to the parents of Thomas and Eliza O?Flaherty. Because of Chopin?s parents being of rich European background, as well as her ability to speak fluent French and German, she had a form of writing known as bicultural (Koloski 9-10). Raised in a Catholic private school, Chopin laid the foundation of her writing skills at an early age (Kimbel 90). Among her early literary influences were the nuns from the school she attended. As one critic points out, ?The nuns taught Kate to live a life of the mind as well as the life of the home? (?Kate? 3). As Chopin grew older, she was exposed to the works of the popular French author Guy de Maupassant. Both of these authors have been critically compared

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