Solar Storms

Solar Storms

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Solar Stoms
Angel has returned to Adams?s Rib to find her roots. She is a 17-year-old girl in search of her family and most of all, who was her mother Hannah Wing (p 21). This is also a spiritual quest for Angel, yet that is only an observation that I became aware of after reading this novel Solar Storms. This novel begins with Angel?s arrival at Adam?s Rib on Tinselman?s Ferry (p21). We are given a small history of the settlers ? the British, Norwegians and Swedes. Here the groundwork is being laid out by Linda Hogan on how these lands were shaped, and the importance of the water. We are told of a woman in a canoe appearing out of the fog (p22). Also we are given great detail of the terrain. Angel is on a quest to meet her family and find out who her mother Hannah Wing was. Angel comes to Adam?s Rib at the invitation of her great grandmother, Agnes Irons (p 23). At this point and throughout the novel, Linda Hogan takes great care to show the reader great details of the surroundings so that

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