There were many great leaders appeared during the Second World War. A good leader should affected the war in such the way he/she wants with great leadership skills, making good decisions, and determined the outcome of the war. General Patton was one of these great leaders in the army who involved in World War II. General Patton was widely known for his tactics and was called a Legend in his own time. He studied all the Great War leaders throughout time and used many of their strategies during battle. He was well known for knowing his history and respected for his knowledge.

Ability to take charge:
As described his personality, Patton was a person that would like taking charge in any situation. He was an educated person who graduated in military school. He had military family background therefore he loved to read history and lots of battle stories since he was small. No one loved war or being able to command his/her soldiers as Patton did. He loved his job so much which unlike any other generals and that?s also a reason to make him success.
Unlike any other generals, Patton would

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