Silver On The Tree By Susan Cooper

Silver On The Tree By Susan Cooper

Silver on the Tree
Susan Cooper

The characters of this book are Will Stanton, the last born of the Old Ones and keeper of the Light; Bran Davies, a helper tied to the Light for eternity; the Drew kids, Simon, Barney, and Jane, friends and helpers of the Light; Merriman, a powerful and old wizard for the Light. The other characters are Caradog Lewis, a helper of the Dark trying to kill Will and the other kids; John Rowlands, a man that works for Merriman and another helper of the light.

The setting in the Welsh hills around the 1940?s to 1950?s.

The theme of the book is all people may seem good until you get to know them then they can turn out to be bad.

Course connection:
There isn?t really a connection to what we discussed in class because we haven?t talked about struggles in good and

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