Language Origins Of Hate

Language: Origins Of Hate

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Language: Origins of Hate

?The horrors of mass murder can be made bearable if the intended victim is made to appear an object that deserves extermination.? As the main thesis of this essay clearly and straight-forwardly sedgiest, the author plans to probe the tools of mass destruction. More particularly, Friedmann hopes to explore the annihilation of his own people, the Jews. Opposed to popular belief, the gas chambers and concentration camps played a relatively minor role in mass destruction, the Nazis used ?propagandists,? they ?resorted to terminology that had been utilized earlier to render Jews subhuman.? More directly, the Nazis employed language. Through language they convinced themselves and each other that ?Jews are a lower species of life? thereby justifying their demise. Friedman argues that we as a society must be conscious of such verbal derangement and seize to advocate and support still remaining demeaning cliches.
It is easy to point the finger of blame at a particular group of people residing at a particular nation, but that would be grossly incorrect and pointless. The truth of the matter is, ?the Nazis resorted to terminology that had been utilized much earlier to render Jews subhuman.?

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