Personal Happiness

Personal Happiness

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Everyones goal in life has and always will be the

pursuit of personal happiness. In fact, the United States

constitution guarantees its citizens this right. The

downfall of this fact is that not every person achieves

this goal. Through certain works of literature such as

Ethan Frome, Madame Bovary, and The Bet, this idea will

be shown.

One great example of an individual searching for

happiness in his life is in the story of Ethan Frome.

Ethan is the type of person who needs companionship and

direct love to be happy. Even though companionship makes

him feel secure, in this partnership he desperately needs

a strong base backed by interaction with the one he loves.

At a young age Ethan found what he thought was a woman

who would make him happy. Her name was Zeena and she was

seemingly pleasant, but her desires would prove not to

be satisfied in a life spent with Ethan. As years went

by she lost interest in him and her attitude around him

kept him from being happy. Ethan soon meets Mattie,a

younger, more attractive woman than Zeena. He becomes

attached to Mattie and gains deep feelings for her, but

his conscience tells him leaving Zeena would

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