Red Badge Of Courage

Red Badge Of Courage

Henry?s Greatest Failure: Fleeing From Battle

The trials of war force young men to make decisions that they may not be ready to make. In Stephen Crane?s Red Badge of Courage, Henry is faced with many challenges. Many elements of his manhood are challenged. Some of those elements are courage, bravery, and integrity. Fleeing from war because of his fear for his life and leaving a tattered soldier whom he hardly knew were his hardest challenges. Henry?s greatest moral error is his flight from battle because running away from a war is much more cowardly than leaving the tattered soldier to his death.
When the rebel forces were charging the union forces, many of the northern fighters had second thoughts about fighting. They had battled hard the previous day and they had their minds set on resting for a while before clashing with the rebels again. Henry observed other soldiers running from the battle as he was watching the fight break out. As was quoted about one young man running, ?There was a revelation. He too threw down his gun and fled. There was no shame in his face.

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