Advantage Of Good Looking

Advantage Of Good Looking

Advantages of Good Looks.

In the real world, there are many good-looking people and not good-looking people. People whom beautiful or good-looking are more attractive than others who are not good-looking. In fact, there are some advantages and disadvantages in this category. However, in our society, beauty gives us many advantages, such as having a good social life, making friends, and getting a job.
First of all, having a good social life is not difficult for a beautiful person. I think it is true. From my experience, I have a friend who is very beautiful and very attractive person. One night we came back from the party at two o?clock in the morning. While I was driving back, my car was stopped, and it couldn?t start. I tried to find somebody to help and stood on the street by waving my hands as cars drove by, but it did not work out. Then I decided to let my friend do the same thing as I did. With in the second, one car came and asked to help. Therefore, this is the advantage of her because she looks very attractive at that time.
Furthermore, making friends is unproblematic for a good-looking person. Naturally,

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