All Quiet On the Western Front

All Quiet On the Western Front

Essay on All Quiet on the Western Front

?War is hell? is a blunt but true way to describe all wars. This statement portrays
Paul Baumer?s true feelings pertaining to the gruesome experiences he encountered
through the duration of the war, when he was alive. For Paul Baumer a German soldier
in World War II, war was more than hell. It changed, and ultimately ended his life at a
young age. In All Quiet on the Western Front Paul Expresses this idea by stating, ?I am
young, I am twenty years old; yet I know nothing of life but despair, death, fear, and
fatuous superficially cast over an abyss of sorrow…? Paul went through hell for years.
Not only did Paul have to deal with the vivid images of shooting and stabbing
human beings that he didn?t know, he had to cope with everyday issues. For example, his
fights with Himmelstoss, his struggle to get food when he?s out fighting, and the fact that
his mother is at home ill. He deals with his fellow soldiers dying, and the fact that it
could be him dying at any moment.
In a sensitive state Paul realizes that the men he kills are human beings just like
him. When he comes in contact with

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