Knowledge Gained Through The Magic Mirrors Of Steppenwolf

Knowledge Gained Through The Magic Mirrors Of Steppenwolf

Knowledge Gained Through the Magic Mirrors of Steppenwolf

The Steppenwolf contains hundreds of mirrors, starting with the wet asphalt, when Harry is first introduced to the Treatise, and ending with the reflected murder and execution. The entire world that Harry travels through can be seen as the reflection of his own mind. These events are not meant to be taken literally, but are all part of a process by which to attain the knowledge from the Magic Theater Harry must first become totally removed from the “everyman”. Ultimately Harry understands, through the mirrors of the Magic Theater, that he alone has total control over the “hundred thousand of pieces of lifes game”.

Throughout the travels in the novel, especially the travels through the Magic Theater, Harry gains understanding and therefore control of his life. Throughout the novel Harry encounters many mirrors that provide him with mew views on life. The first mirror that Harry sees is the reflection of a neon sign on the wet asphalt of a street as he walks through the town late at night. This is his first sign of any sort from the Magic Theater. The last mirror of the story was when Harry saw Pablo

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