Safety in Air Traffic Control

Safety in Air Traffic Control

Safety in Air Traffic 1

Running head: Safety in Evolution of Air Traffic Systems

Safety in Evolution of Air Traffic Systems

Jesse Gonzales

Embry Riddle Aeronautical University

Safety in Air Traffic 2

Over the past one hundred years man has strived in development on the ideas of flight, from the beginning of the aviation era on to now the year 2001. Many hopefuls predicted by the year 2000 automobiles would join aircraft in expeditious air travel of the open skies. Evidently one dream cannot become a reality, until another previous corresponding dream is delt with. Skies today for the aviation community are quickly becoming over crowded with too many aircraft and no advanced technology to keep them safe. For now ATC relies on human judgment and some technical benefits. The aviation community is attempting to overthrow the human involvement and rely entirely on automation and computers. History proves that computers in no way can take the place of human control and judgment in aeronautics. In order to reform the Air Traffic Control (ATC) community for safety and effectiveness instead, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA)

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