Every person deals with the conflict in life and it can happen at anytime

Every person deals with the conflict in life and it can happen at anytime. This is life and the life has to be move on. All we can do is to deal with the situation in a best possible way. I have also highlighted and experienced with the conflict I had in my life that did not turn out the way I wanted. So, I and my friend was given a big project assignment in the school which will add 10 percent of our final grades. We had only 7 days to complete it. I thought we had to submit the project on next to next week so when we got to know about our actual submission date my friend got little angry as it was only 2 days left for our assignment. So, I apologised him for my casual behavior and respected his feeling as it was very important for our grades. Somehow, we begun our assignments and my friend suggested me to copy from the internet. So, I rejected his idea and assured him that we will do it but on our own. We also took ideas from our seniors because they already know about it and they helped us bit. All in all, we completed our assignments and it could be more presentable and up to the mark but still it was good.

To be concluded, conflicts are the part of life and it is natural. Its just that we have to solve it at our best. So, I, with my friend, solved the problem and promised that will not be careless in the future.