The value of R is 0

The value of R is 0.750. It means that training design, on job training and off job training Employee have a strong relationship with the Employee Performance because the value of R is above 0.7. The R2 of 0.562 shows that the linear relationship in this model is able to explain the Employee Performance for 56.2%
The table shows the significance of the research. According to the standard if the p value is < 0.01 so it is significant. In this study the above given table demonstrates the p value is 0.000 which is < 0.01 thus the model of the research is statistically significant. So the independent variable of the study, Training and Development, has significant relationship with dependent variable of the study, employees’ Performance.
The un-standardized value of the mentioned table illustrates obviously that independent variable Training and Development has a positive impact on Employees Performance in this study.