” The world is a book

” The world is a book, and those who do not travel read nothing but a page”. Student life is full of dreamy youth, gleeful memories and sweet laughters. However, besides those, students also have to learn how to prepare for their futures what will lead them to a high-quality life with mountain of money next to, or a flawed life. So, why do we not go out, take a small excursion and communicate with everyone ? Not only that, through the excursions, we also can experiment upon the knowledge from the lessons before that. Furthermore, small trips helps motivate us for self-study and self-activity.

Last week, I had my excursions with my friends and teachers at a beach called Sharkey Beach, Austinmer. It was a gorgeous and serene beach. I could even hear the waves whispering to the smooth yellowish sand, smell the salt of the deep blue ocean. Flexibly, the tiny corals and neptune necklaces were swaying in winds like ballerina were dancing. I did do some experiments and exploring.