Society and culture have always been influenced by technology

Society and culture have always been influenced by technology. The way people
interact, work, and learn has changed and it has both negative and positive impacts
on us. Now we are living in a technology driven age and we can’t imagine our life
without it. The prevalence of the Internet and mobile technology drastically affects
many areas of society. This essay will discuss the advantages and disadvantages of
This technological age has positively impacted our society. Technology has made
travelling from place to place or from country to country easier and faster because
of the invention of such transports as cars, ships, and planes and we use them every
day. My recent research have shown that the way of learning have been improved
as well and it’s more comfortable to use computer in educational purposes in order
to communicate with teacher or get home work and other learning materials from
the email. Modern-day students use the Internet for research while teachers use
technology to enhance their lessons. Even the way of shopping has been positively
affected and is also faster now because of the online shops. According to survey,
only few respondents claimed that they don’t shop online while most of them do
shopping online on a regular basis. Also technology and social networks have
affected how we communicate with each other because now we can text message
or call someone to talk and it became faster and much easier to communicate with
friends and relatives who are far away from us with the use of video chat and
However, technology is not always good for society because it causes lack of
communication and health problems and has negative impacts on local culture. The
devices that we use to communicate have made young people too lazy and less
communicable they rather chat or text than hold a conversation. A research found
that 82 percent of undergraduates surveyed actively used social networking sites.
Many of the respondents reported using such sites daily. No doubt this
technological era and globalization has affected our society and has turned the
world into a global village. Also global web and social media are used by bigger
nations to impose alien values on people of smaller nations. Industrialization
drastically influenced the Kazakh culture and in the way of developing our society
has lost its nomadic identity. More than one-third of respondents think that
technologies as well as the internet have negatively influenced the Kazakh culture.

In conclusion, technology has both positive and negative impacts on our society.
The technology that was been created to make life better has undesirable effects on

culture even if it initially appears to provide benefits. The key is to analyze how
technology affects you and your society. Eventually, advances in technology
directly affect how cultures grow, thus, when cultures grow, they create new
technology. Despite all disadvantages and negative impacts on our lives
technology is one of the best things that happen in the world.