Improve?self-awareness?and?understand?the?attitude and behavior?of?all team?members.

Learn about collective incentive needs and the unique needs of everyone.

Build trust and encourage a safe and open?environment to share?ideas.

Listen?and?encourage the team?to listen to everyone’s contribution.

It is healthy to appreciate the debate, but it needs to manage conflicts.


Help they learn something from mistakes and success.

Evaluate the validity of the objection.

Team rules
Allocate their tasks
Encourage to innovation
Problem solving
Encourage systems thinking.

Identify and eliminate problems in team work, create a creative atmosphere, let employees understand their value and valuable value, and provide them with learning opportunities.

Ask Your Employees How Well They’re Going.

Listening to feedback (Internal/External)
Set clear goals
Understand employees’ ability to find suitable people
Clear division of labor and proper placement
Set team rules, fair
Help each other and establish a good team environment
I will give them feedback
First I will confirm their opinions and ideas.

Then, through some statements and reasoning, I would let the staff feel their opinions from their words wrong.

If you reject them directly or deny their ideas, it will impede the enthusiasm of employees. We should normally discuss and encourage employees to put forward more creative ideas.

1 Improve employee passion
For some old employees, their goal is only monthly wages, so to improve efficiency, it is necessary to bring up their enthusiasm for work, their abilities and experience have certain advantages, so to increase their work passion, Efficiency will inevitably increase.

2 Diversification of ideas
Looking for people who may have different perspectives on different background cultures and letting employees have another set of ideas will make it easier to produce creative ideas
3 Give employees more responsibility
To add more work to employees, employees will think this is because they are trusted and dependent on the team.

They will be more passionate about their work and improve their productivity and satisfaction with the team.

4 Helping Worst Employees
Help the most backward employees and help them build confidence! Excessive criticism will undermine employee confidence and reduce productivity.