Liburna Keka

Liburna Keka,
St. Pjeter Bogdani no.n. Pristina,
University of “Kadri Zeka” GjilanMotivation letter
Dear Sir or Madam,
With this letter I would like to express my strong interest for participation. As a graduate student, I am planing to build an international career in the field of Law in Europe Universities, so this programme will really mean a lot for my professional aspirations. Capability to handle problems, social balance and the necessity to gain an international experience outside my University make me a proper candidate for this position. I have done various internships in different departaments on Ministry in Kosovo.

Working with people has broadened my communication talent and I learnt how to handle different characters in very short time. I believe that my working experience in combination with my studies make my candidateship for your programme possible. During my studies, and the Interships I was also working. Sure it wasn’t so easy, but I finished successfully all of them.
Also, as a student of University of Gjilan I discovered the usefulness of team work, especially in court conditions. Only with quality team work great achievement can be richen, and I am having a strong will to pursuit that goal.
Thank you very much in advanced for this opportunity and for considering my application. I would like to call me on interview also. It would probably be the inspiration of my success and an unforgettable experience.

In hope Your future Master student,
Liburna Keka