Sleep Depriavation

Sleep Depriavation

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Sleep plays an important role in optimizing a student?s academic performance and is a great factor that determines the proper function of a student during a daily basis. Although sleep is very important in everyone?s lives, students are the ones who are most likely to suffer from sleep deprivation. It has been proven and is very obvious that sleep deprivation can influence and affect anyone?s mood, health or performance, a student?s ability to pay attention in class, productivity level during the day and in the long run, may even affect students? academic scores and achievements. Strangely enough, most students who stay up late are studying to get good grades.
Sleep deprivation is sometimes caused by sleep disorders but sleep disorders are also the result of lack of sleep, which one cannot help if diagnosed with a sleep disorder. Students from ages 15 to 25, more than any other age group, are more likely to experience sleep deprivation because of the certain pressures that school can bring upon them, especially at higher levels of academic learning. Therefore, students feel they must stay up late to study or do something productive. In addition, a teenager?s biological

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