China Economic Analisis

China Economic Analisis

The fast economic development of China has attracted the attention of the international

business community, creating a surge in foreign direct investments and international trade.

Negotiating new business and trade agreements as well as establishing business subsidiaries

and joint ventures, the number of foreign business people in China is increasing rapidly. The

areas of managerial interface between foreign business representatives and Chinese nationals

are expanding fast and an emerging academic literature is beginning to examine cross-cultural

management issues in China.
China, no doubt is certainly the fastest growing and ?exciting? market to be working in right now,

and probably one of the most difficult for expatriates to survive in. After many years of being

closed off from the world, China has opened up with a vengeance, and is therefore growing too

quickly, too soon. It?s experiencing all the problems accompanying a new economic power

emerging in an environment where centuries of development are trying to blend in all at once.

The New China
Westerners have been trying to get rich in China for over 150 years. However, few of them

have actually been successful enough to penetrate the ?market of one billion?. With the ?

sweeping economic reform in the People?s

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