Child Importance

Child Importance


Important part of you, knows what characteristics lie within. The foundation of the process of knowing yourself is knowing your childhood. The bad times, the good times, and the unforgettable times. ?The state or stage of life of a child? (childhood). Examining ones childhood makes it easier to grasp what type of person they could be, or what type of person that they are. There are many situations that makeup a childhood. Situations that are needed to be stated to possibly help provide a better childhood, or parenting. A childhood which can be formatted from your parent?s childhood. Society changes with it whether there are those who dislike change.
Watching children grow to become successful, responsible adults is most parents dream. Parents paying to put their children into private schools, thinking they know best. Babies being expected to read a young age to accommodate their parent?s ego and self respect. Children are being persuaded to become as successful as their parents, and make a name for themselves. . With new technology and fancy futuristic cars, a new era is evolving before our eyes. The way that we are raising our children seem not to be evolving the way our

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