Mall Of America

Mall Of America

The Mall of America

The Mall of America is the largest retail center in the United States. In the mall there are over three hundred stores. There is also a small theme park in the center. On occasion there will be shows and presentations held in The Mall of America. Overall, the mall is a great place to shop. For most families a trip to The Mall of America is a great experience.
The Mall of America is in many ways the same as, and in some ways different from most other malls. The Mall of America is owned by Simons. Simons owns many retail centers across the United States. This includes Memorial Mall in Sheboygan. The Mall of America consists of over 300 stores laid out in a two, and sometimes three story, square building. In the center of the mall is Camp Snoopy. Any part of the mall can either be reached by cutting through the theme park, or using the hallways around the outside edge.
The mall has a wide selection of stores to choose from. In The Mall of America almost everyone is guaranteed to find

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