Market Orientation

Market Orientation


1.0 Introduction
The role of Market orientation as a part of marketing has always been a topic of discussion among various academicians and researchers. But in the recent years its significance has increased. Its contribution to the general marketing concept has become very important and has been a point of analysis, discussion and debate among various researchers.

Currently, with the repeated emphasis on the importance of the customers a market-based organization must be sensitive to its customers needs. For this an organization needs to know and adapt to the market.

Market orientation is a key issue for any organization who wants to prosper and survive in the short as well as long run, in the presence or absence of competitors. Consequently, companies have geared up and are becoming more market oriented and have adopted various programs to analyze market performance by improving the services offered to the customers which are in sync with the changing market conditions.

1.1 Research Problem
To find the market orientation of a given company in this case ?NIRMA LIMITED?.

1.2 Research Object
To enable a better understanding of market orientation and its effect on

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