The Sky At Night

The Sky At Night

The sky is the most beautiful & immortal possessions of nature. The panoply of stars, galaxies & constellations ornate the sky with their dazzling shapes & structural patterns. As the dusk starts folding into the night, the clouds wearing different shapes & patterns serve as a curtain raiser to the natures organized beauty pageant. When the sun settles down, the sky prepares for another invasion over the heart of its audience. Their sublime beauty captivates the eyes of millions of people on earth. Most of them spend hours per week admiring the remarkable piece of work rendered by nature. They either pensively retrospect & introspect their deeds ,or spend that moment with their beloved, and some of them even carry out the daunting task of counting all the visible stars.

Although the sky is at peace, its quiescence extravaganza is accorded by the applaud of ocean waves who feast their eyes over the solemn pomp. The sky unveils the pile of jewels to flatter its patrons. Moonlight is one of the captivating assets from the treasure house of sky. Its fraught with beatitude & inveigles the heart of mankind. This mesmerizing light is acknowledged to enthuse a romantic aura on

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