Opening My Eyes

Opening My Eyes

My high school years were some of the most influential years of

my life. From the parties to the alcohol, I thought I had it all made;

However, I was wrong. All I needed was the right person to make me see

things in a different perspective. That is when I met my future fiance

Jeff. He has helped influence my life in a variety of beneficial ways.

First, when I sit back and think about certain aspects of my

teenage years, I realize exactly how uninformed I was. Jeff helped me to

have different outlooks on my life. I thought everything was so simple in

life. I thought that it was all right to do whatever I wanted no matter what

anyone else said. He made me understand that simple things do matter.

For example, I thought that coming home early on weekends was

ridiculous, and that I should have been able to stay out all night if I

wanted to. I was not worried then about what my mother thought. Jeff

changed that. He got me into the habit of getting home early. With

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