Diversity In The Workplace

Diversity In The Workplace

Organizational Behavior


While the benefits of diversity in the workplace have long been trumpeted, businesses would do well to consider the problems surrounding diversity and diversity training. Research into the subject reveals startling and costly problems that can arise if the subject is handled wrong.
A focused approach is necessary to avoid any one of the problems that can lead to disaster for a business. The first of these problems is that managers face an automatic uphill battle: most employees, minority and majority groups alike, are largely distrustful of diversity training.
This effect is multiplied by the tightrope walk of neither over- or under-emphasizing diversity, with either extreme leading to resentment and ineffectiveness. This is possibly the biggest danger in diversity training and helps explain the controversy of whether or not diversity is really good for business. Many companies using ineffective programs have either seen no advantage or worse, the programs have caused the opposite effect of resentment and a fractured corporate culture.
While sustaining this balancing act, managers must also face pressure from above. During the economic downturn of the last few years businesses have cut spending

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