What Type OF Store To Open And Why

What Type OF Store To Open And Why

Why Type Of Store Would I Open

I would like to open an art and crafting store. There is an immense crafting community in my hometown. However, there are only a few stores in my hometown that even offer crafting supplies, let alone training and service for arts and crafts. I have a diversified back round in this field and I have fourteen years prior experience at a large art and crafts manufacturer. Through my work experience, I learned how the art and craft world works, how the crafting ?seasons? run, and how to do arts and crafts myself. This would allow me to pass on my skills and experiences onto others who would want to learn and would like to be better informed about arts and crafts. The store I would open would offer a wide variety of products to suit the general crafting needs of the consumer. My store would offer a wide variety of paint products, paint painting accessories, and take home paint projects. The store would also cater to those who do home decor crafting, needlepoint crafts, and school and other craft supplies. My store would stock not only craft supplies and projects, but; also instructional books,

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