Coca Cola

Coca Cola


Did you ever sit down and drink cold Coca-Cola and wonder how did this product come to be Well, Coca-Cola has quite a story behind it; from the truth of cocaine in the drink to the folklore of it being a medicine mixed with water.
Coca-Cola was invented on May 8, 1886 by John Pemberton at his home in Atlanta, Georgia. Pemberton attended a pharmacy school and fought for the confederacy before his monumental invention. When wounded in the war, Pemberton became addicted to morphine. Shortly after the war he moved to Atlanta, Georgia and opened a pharmacy. This is were he began making and selling patent medicines such as the popular ?French Wine of Coca.? This medicine contained cocaine and caffeine from the Kola nut. The ?French Wine of Coca? was sold to help cure disturbances of internal plumbing, nervous disorders, and impotency. After November 1885, when Atlanta voted to become a dry city, Pemberton removed the wine and offered his ?French Wine of Coca? in a fountain drink or syrup based medicine.
The next few months brought on a series of experiments for Pemberton and his new

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