Secure Socket Layer

Secure Socket Layer

Secure Socket Layer


This paper tells about the need for security on the Internet, SSL Protocol, and how a Certificate is used to meet the demand for safe interaction over the Internet.

Keywords: SSL, Certificate, and Certificate Authority.


When we walk into a store, we know whom we are dealing with. We see the products, the branding and the store assistant. We can be sure that if something would be wrong with our purchase, we?ll recourse to the store manager or owner. But on the Internet, website visitors generally have no reliable way of knowing who owns the website (the virtual store). When customers visit a website with the intent of making an online purchase, they want to know whom they?ll be paying. They want proof of the identity of the website owner, and they want to know that the personal information they send to the website cannot be
intercepted by other Internet users. This is where SSL certificates come to the fore.
SSL (Secure Socket Layer) is a protocol developed by Netscape that enables a web browser and a web server to communicate securely; it allows the web browser to authenticate the web server. The SSL protocol requires the web

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