Computer Market

Computer Market


The computer market is considered to be one of the fastest growing and rapid changing markets , due to the fact that technology develops continuously and alternates the business environment in which the computer manufacturing companies have to operate . The majority of these companies have to adapt to the continuous changes and even more forecast the blurry forefront in order to survive and make profits . A commonly used tool to predict the changes and the potential of expansion is the Market Opportunity Analysis . More specifically Market Opportunity analysis or MOA is the systematic method for gathering and organising the information about a believed market opportunity ( Cadotte, 2003 ) . A useful tool like the MOA can even apply to a virtual marketplace like marketplace 6 which simulates with remarkable realism the rapid changes at a virtual computer market . By using the MOA we will try to identify the factors that form the business environment , the strategies that the virtual company , Tech ? Edge , follows and the strategic position of the company and finally we will try to see the potential of growth and expansion of the

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