Analysis Of Competitive Forces Industry

Analysis Of Competitive Forces Industry

Analysis of Competitive Industry Forces

Power of Suppliers:

When considering the sporting goods industry one must consider that it is an industry which contains several other niche markets because the area of sporting goods can branch anywhere from hockey sticks to tennis balls. Due to the fact that it is a consolidated industry, the industry has matured in its life cycle and now manufacturers strive to make themselves different. The few large corporations that dominate this industry are now able to integrate forward thereby enhancing their market share. This strategy was used to Nike?s advantage when considering one niche the golf industry. At first the corporation entered this particular area by producing such accessories as golfing shirts, hats etc. Recently they have begun to mass produce their own line of clubs. The sporting goods industry is dominated by a few main companies for the most part, this again sways the power toward the seller?s side since consumers much purchase these few corporations products if they choose to compete with supplying the final consumer with the products they need. What particularly makes the power of suppliers so large is that there are no readily available substitutes. If a sporting goods store wishes to

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