Silver Mining

Silver Mining

Roughing It

This Literature selection from Roughing IT by Mark Twain was about the gold and silver mining experience of Mark Twain. Everyone at that time had ?silver fever?. Mark Twain like everyone else had a goal. Goal to find silver! Mark confessed without a shame that he expected to find masses of silver just lying all round the ground.
Things weren?t as easy as Mark thought they would be! They had to build small, rude cabin. The first chance that Mark got he went away from the cabin; keeping his eyes on the others he began his search. He found something shinny and he realized it was gold.
Never did he dream of finding gold only silver! Making sure no one sees him he started scooping the gold out. He decided to keep his gold find a secret. Eventually he told Mr. Ballou, who was a gold miner about his gold find. As Mr. Ballou looked at the ?treasures? he told

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