Something So Unconventional

Something So Unconventional

Something so Unconventional

There are many reasons why someone would start a museum. Mr. Wilson?s reason, and his museum is a bit different than most. Mr. Wilson?s Cabinet of Wonder is very unusual. He prides himself in finding things that most people would think of as odd, or not worth putting in a ?normal? museum. As a man, Mr. Wilson is also a mystery. He almost seems to be able to disappear and reappear when he is in his museum. He never answers any questions with a straightforward answer, which might just be why so many people love to go visit Mr. Wilson?s Cabinet of Wonder.
The Museum is made up of many different bizarre exhibits. Normally when someone thinks of a museum they think of paintings, and famous sculptures, but in this case Mr. Wilson?s museum has rarities not found many other places in the whole world. One of the exhibits that sticks out in my mind was the Megaloponera foetens, otherwise known as the stink ant. It is said that they can ingest spores, and when inhaled by these ants the spore goes straight to the ant?s brain. After

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