Research Paper History Boxing

Research Paper History Boxing

Joe Louis and his beloved trainer Jack Blackburn were preparing to walk down the aisle for a big championship fight. Blackburn who had recently endured some serious health set backs, was breathing hard and suddenly blurted out: :”Chappie, I dont think I can make it up them steps tonight”. What was Louis to do

His opponent Buddy Baer was a tough fighter who had scored a knockdown over Louis in their previous title bout. Without hesitation Louis replied: “Dont worry Chappie, youll only have to go up and down them steps one time.”

Louis, keeping his word, knocked Buddy out cold with a paralyzing right hand in the first round. When Joe Louis meant business no-one could stand up to his dreadful assaults. Such was the power and mettle of the man the world called “The Brown Bomber”.


There never has been a more complete fighter than Joe Louis. He more than any other heavyweight most closely resembles the perfect fighter. Imagine the task of building a perfect heavyweight. First he would have to have two-fisted punching power equal to that of Jack Dempsey or Mike Tyson. His hand speed would have to be among the best

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