The Kiss

The Kiss

The kiss


Nathalie, single spoiled female
Brantain, wealthy single bachelor
Harvy, friend of Nathalie

Scene: A shadowed room with its curtains drawn against the sunlight, a smoldering fire with an uncertain glow to it. Brantain, a not so handsome, innocent, and enormously rich man sitting in one of the shadows, glancing deeply at the woman sitting in the firelight. Nathalie a very pretty brunette who eagerly was waiting for a proposal glancing into the eyes of Brantain.

Scene I

Brantain: I enjoyed the occasions that gave me the opportunity to accompany you. You have made my life very complete.
Nathalie: (stroking her cat on her lap, thinking to herself what his wealth could give her) And I have also enjoyed your presence in my life.
(During a pause between their talks of the last tea and the upcoming receptions, a tall handsome fellow whom they both new very well, strides into the room and presses an ardent, lingering kiss upon her lips not realizing she had company, finding himself standing in the middle)
Brantain: (slowly rising, with an amused yet confused, upset look upon his face) I-believe…. (Stammering) I see that I have stayed too

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