Age Of Innocence

Age Of Innocence

Age of Innocence took place in the 1870?s in New York City. It starts out with the announcement of engagement of Mae Weland and Newland Archer. Each of which comes from the sturdiest part of their family. Mrs. Manson Mingoll, Mae?s grandmother is eager to give the wedding breakfast for the couple. Mrs. Mingoll is known by all either by marriage or by reputation. She lives in a big house near Central Park. Mae and Newland are two of the best families in New York to join in marriage.

Archer?s mother and sister were very shy and shrank in society. They often made fun of the under class people. They also liked to make fun of Mae?s cousin Ellen, which Newland was quick to be on her side. Ellen was married to the Count and they had just separated. He kept her as prisoner to their marriage, which she was not happy . Newland was sure to let his mother and sister know that Ellen?s marriage problems with the Count were not her fault and women should have the same rights as men.

Mrs.Mingoll had a formal dinner for Ellen so that family and friends could meet her, since she had been

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