Symbolism Of A Goodman

Symbolism Of A Goodman

Symbolism of a Goodman

Nathaniel Hawthorne wrote ?Young Goodman Brown? in 1835. This story tells about a man?s day in his so called peaceful life. He follows a man on a journey to a meeting where he sees all the ?nice? townspeople doing this very evil thing. Three symbols play very big parts though out the story they are Young Goodman Brown, his wife, Faith and the color pink.

Young Goodman Brown is the most used symbol throughout the story. Not himself but, his name. Young shows that he is a young a new person in the town and is learning new ways. Goodman tells exactly what it says he is a good man, he very good with his life and the man with his wife, Faith and he wants nothing to do with anything does not involve her, ??What a wretch am I to leave her on such a errand??(634) . And lastly Brown which tells that he is a common man he?s no king or anyone famous. Putting the name
together Young Goodman Brown is an everyday man just living a day at a time.
Faith, his wife

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