Wake Up America

The issue of food is not merely a topic about getting pleased and satisfied depending upon what is consumed. In fact, there are several issues of concern regarding food in America. For one, food is not always perceived as something that is available for all, in fact, food is part of a relatively dark industry. In fact, there have been movements and appeals in which food manufacturers aimed to be easy of any liability in terms of proper labeling (Write My Essay fast, 2015). Another issue is related to problems in food supply. Due to the continuous worsening of the land in America used for agricultural purposes, then it is not difficult to understand why such problems occur (Waters, 2006). This problem is not only a problem in America, but evidently a concern throughout the world as well. Issues once related to the positive aspects of food such as the production of organic food items, have now become topics of debate as well. Since Wal-Mart has begun the production of organic products, the organic industry is now struggling to compete in terms of price (Featherstone, 2006).

Acknowledging the presence of such issues, and the overall importance of addressing and solving such properly is vital for any country, and most importantly America. Since food is a basic necessity, if concerns regarding prices, availability, and health continuously manifest, then the overall population may in fact suffer as a consequence. Hence, in this sense, individuals must indeed raise their level of awareness regarding such issues in order to possibly form potential solutions or develop methods in which to minimize such problems through a micro scale. Expectedly, if individual concern and awareness towards such issues are raised at an individual level, then the government concern will be elevated as well from the demand and pressure derived from the citizens. Therefore, understanding and solving such problems definitely require the actions of both the citizens and the government.


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