Margaret Atwood The Edible Woman

Margaret Atwood The Edible Woman

Book Report Margaret Atwoods The Edible Woman

During Marians lifetime women were more liberated, brought different customs and values where women were becoming more educated, allowed to work, vote and even drink and smoke than in the past. In Margaret Atwoods The Edible Woman, however, Marian is still submissive to her male partner Peter. Because she is passive she allows Peter to dominate her in such a way that he influences her to become someone she really isnt. Marians shift in pronoun represents a cycle where she becomes a confident woman with higher self-esteem. Atwood uses a cake, which Marian bakes to symbolize her future by taking control of her life by becoming more aggressive and open with her options. In Margaret Atwoods, The Edible Woman, gender attributes remained to be present through the novel, Marian displays a submissive role towards her dominating partner Peter, which is exhibited through the shift of pronoun and the symbol of the cake.
Simone De Beauvoirs work relates to how women are

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