Lighthouse Keepers

Lighthouse Keepers

Lighthouses Keepers

?Different ways of living create changes in the world.? That statement is very true, lighthouse keepers make deep changes in the world. Their job seems very simple, but is very important to the Great Lakes and any body of water. The life of a Lighthouse Keeper is different, first, living on a island, second having inspectors come to your house and search through everything and finally through all the years that lighthouse keepers have saved lives on the Great Lakes it is all ending, now auto-matied lighthouses are coming about and replacing lighthouse keepers. This will change the Great Lakes majorly. Lighthouse keepers not only save lives, but are intelligent and hard-working people. Their way of life does create changes in the world.
The life of a beacon is different from the normal person because of many reasons such as, living on a island. In doing this brings a lot of problems and things to deal with. Lighthouse keepers, because they live on a island, have boats so they can go back and forth from town back to their home on the island, this is very difficult because if there was any emergency ever there would be a long boat

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