John Steinbeck The Murder

John Steinbeck: The Murder

Feminism vs. Steinbeck
In the short story ?The Murder?, written by John Steinbeck, there are many questions wondering if this is a story of feminism. This story shows us the image of a ?woman? is looked down upon, or treated less as a person. John Steinbeck seems to portray the Jelka in this story as an animal, or a possession of some sort. Although this story portrays a traditional marriage of Jelka?s culture of love, it portrays a feminist view.
The narrator shows us that he thinks of Jelka as an animal. He uses imagery to get his across to how Jim treats Jelka. Jim ?patted her head and neck under the same impulse that made him stroke a horse? (4). Jim may not do this on purpose but eventually it leads to that. Jelka is always there by his side, just like a dog would be at its owner?s side. ?She learned her husband as she learned passages of Scripture?(4). This quote makes one realize that she

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