Ayn Rand

Ayn Rand



?· SETTING- Plane ticket- the story took place in metropoliton new york, but Rorke often finds himself travaling it many different places just to find a job.
?· MAJOR CHARACTER-Howard Rorke- Light Bulb- Howard Rorke has new ideas that vary few accept. The light bulb is an odd shape which symbolizes Rorke?s new, diffrent ideas.
?· MOOD-struggle against society- paper clip chain- Rorke often finds society tring to mold him to society?s chains, that keeps the people in conformity.
?· THEME- Building something from nothing- ruler, pencil, eraser- The major theme of the story is building something from nothing, like buildings, relationships, or love. The tools symbolize an architect?s tools that he works with to create new things.
?· CLIMAX- Rorke keeping his stand- blueprint/ picture of house- Rorke is asked to make decision between building one last building of his choice, and then conform to society and build what they

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