Reasonable Doubt

Reasonable Doubt

?GOT A PROBLEM DOWN HERE.? That is what headquarters heard on November 7th, 1983 as the Bloomington, Illinois police officers began arriving on the scene of 313 Carl Drive, the home of David Hendricks, his wife Susan, and their three children Rebekah, Grace and Benjamin. The home turns out to be a horrific crime scene where the entire family is brutally murdered except for David Hendricks who was away on a business trip or was he

Medical facts played a huge role in the trial. A psychologist was hired to help chose the jury. One of the largest issues raised was on the emptying of gastric contents after a meal and what factors might affect it such as: pyloric stenosis, osmolarity, exercise, whether the food was bolted like children sometimes do, migraines, fainting and brain tumors. Forensic

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