Ragged Dick

Ragged Dick


Set in the busy city of New York during the 1860?s, Horatio Alger JR?s novel Ragged Dick is the story of an inspiring young boy who had nothing, and made himself into something great.
Ragged Dick, or Richard Hunter, is a fourteen-year-old boy. He was completely on his own at age seven. After a few unsuccessful occupations he became successful at shinning shoes at ten cents a shine. Some nights he could afford a cheep place to sleep, but he usually spent his money at the theater and found himself sleeping in a box or the back of a wagon.
Dick never thought that he could become a respectable man someday. He just figured that he was going to shine people?s shoes forever. However, dick was a very respectful young man. He had never stole from another person and never lied. He did honest work and was always eager to help someone less fortunate than himself.
One day Dick saw a business opportunity. A man was sorrowfully telling his visiting nephew that he would not have time to show him around the city. The nephew seemed sad, and then Dick jumped in and offered his services as a guide for

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