Manipulation In 1984

Manipulation In 1984

Manipulation in 1984

In the classic novel 1984, author George Orwell writes of a future country called Oceania in which there is nothing that the government doesn?t control. By limiting the country?s historical knowledge, manipulating their minds, and conditioning their bodies, Big Brother is able to undermine citizens and use them as puppets. Though American government isn?t as austere as the fictitious one in 1984, there are definite parallels between Orwell?s writings and today?s society.
In 1984, The Party is in control of every source of information, including historical events occurring in the past and the present. One day at work, the main character of the novel, Winston Smith, has to ?rewrite a paragraph of Big Brother?s speech in such a way as to make him predict the thing that had actually happened (pg. 35).? In other words, he must manipulate the words of an article in such a way as to not make the government appear as anything less than perfect. Winston writing in his journal daily automatically assumes that on discovering this secret diary, he will surely be put to death because it is not in favor of The Party and contradicts the very belief system of Oceania. Big Brother,

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