2) Book Review

?The Rainmaker? by John Grisham, is about a young lawyer named Rudy Baylor who is graduating from law school and needs a job. When the job that he is supposed to have is given to someone else, he finds himself having to settle for a job with a law firm that isnt exactly on its way up the success ladder. A lawyer named J. Lyman Stone runs it. His nickname is Bruiser. Bruiser, as Rudy will later find out, is not only a lawyer, but also a crook and will have to go into hiding when a former business partner of his testifies before a grand jury. Rudy has to form a partnership with a man named Deck Shiflit who has gone to law school but failed the bar exam more times than one can count. Together the two men have to fight an insurance company called Great Benefit, which has denied their client who has cancer, funds for a bone marrow transplant. Rudy has to go up against a large law firm that represents Great Benefit. Rudy also becomes involved with a woman whose husband beats her. He must juggle the case, the girl, and his landlady.

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