Discuss The Role Of The Government In Ender And Triffids.

Discuss The Role Of The Government In Ender And Triffids.

The government plays a much bigger role in Enders Games than in The Day of the Triffids. In The Day of the Triffids we see in the beginning a possible cause for the manifestation of the triffids. The problem here was that the government wasn?t around long enough to reap the bounty of their actions. The majority of them were mostly likely killed never knowing the full extent of their actions on the human populace.

Politics created the triffids, that much is known. To produce a more effective vegetable oil the mutant poisonous mobile plants were created; no-one foreseeing the plane explosion that would send their seeds worldwide. Politics was also responsible for the army of orbital missiles that circled the earth, each one holding a more

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