Catherine Medici

Catherine Medici

Catherine Medici:
The Character That Determines Her Role Today

Throughout the years, many women have tried to make a lasting impression on the world, but few have succeeded. However, there are some able to make an impact and break the tradition of the ?women?s role? in society. These women form an immense impact on their time period and overall history. One of these women is Catherine de? Medici, an Italian women who became the Queen of France. If this woman were to be elected the President of the United States in 2004, displeasing reactions would occur because of her past actions.
To start off, Catherine had a nasty habit of intermingling her political and social lives. In 1560, she arranged for her daughter, Elizabeth of Valois, to marry Phillip II, the powerful Roman Catholic king of Spain. She also found it necessary to persuade her daughter, Margaret of Valois, to the Protestant king Henry of Navarre in 1572. Later that year, she found her son, Charles the King of France, greatly influenced by the Huguenots. Knowing this, she set up a plot to assassinate the Protestant leader Coligny, which lead to his death and the deaths of about 50,000 other Huguenots in

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