Air Safety

Air Safety

Air Safety

Now there is roughly one major accident per 1 million

flights with increased air traffic by 2015 there would be one

fatal crash a week. ( So in the near future if

stricter regulations are not placed on the people building,

inspecting and flying these planes. Future airplane

crashes will be responsible for killing hundreds of people a

week. Air safety is also important because it effects

America?s economy. American airlines alone logged 9.5 million

scheduled flights in 1997and had 625 passengers. (Gaffney


There are four areas where air safety needs to be

improved. The most important area is human error which has

caused over 70 percent of airline accidents since 1950. Other

important areas of air safety is finding better and more

accurate ways of predicting the weather. Security needs to be

increased in the ways of detecting weapons and explosives.

The final area of air safety that needs to be improved is the

detection of mechanical failure.

Since 1950 over 70 percent of airline accidents have

been caused by Human error. The reason is simple while all

other aspects of air travel have been improved, human

behavior still has its age-old imperfections.

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